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Magnetic Filter Installation

Magnetic system filters come in many shapes and sizes but are usually fitted beneath boilers, magnetic filters increase efficiency by removing near 100% of black iron oxide suspended in the system water, This prevents a build up of debris and iron oxide in the boiler itself protecting the boilers internals and working parts extending the life of the boiler dramatically.

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How magnetic filters work

Inside a magnetic filter is a powerful magnet and as the system water flows through the filter the magnet picks up all the iron oxide particles.

These iron oxide particles are what congeals into the black sludge that we are all familiar with in central heating systems , if you remove the iron oxide you prevent the sludge.

The Benefits of fitting a Magnetic Filter:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Stops dirt and debris
  • Protects your boiler
  • Low installation cost

Magnetic Filter Brands:

  • Adey
  • Fernox
  • Sentinel
  • Worcester Bosch

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